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Introducing those working behind the scenes at the Shaw Rocket Fund

Team Image

The Shaw Rocket Fund team brings a plethora of expertise from the media sector. With robust backgrounds in analysis, production, finance, creative and communications, our combined efforts allow us to advocate for the children’s media industry and support producers and partners in fuelling truly exceptional content for kids in Canada and across the globe. Meet the members of our team below.

Rocket Fund Team

Agnes Augustin

President & CEO

Becki Brisson

Vice President, Business Affairs & Operations

Irene Park

CPA, CGA, Accountant

Lisa Amato

Manager, Strategic Communications

Mica Taiah

Content Analyst

Board of Directors

Christine Shipton


Gigi Boyd


Agnes Augustin

President & CEO, Secretary/Treasurer

Chethan Lakshman


Nancy Birnbaum


Gave Lindo


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