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Shaw Rocket Fund Showcase

Highlighting Canadian production companies and their kids programs annually

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Throughout February 2022, we featured Canadian-made kids content across our website, emails, and all of our socials. We’re excited to profile some amazing Canadian production companies and the incredible work they’re doing. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn to help us celebrate great Canadian programs!

Volume 4 – 2022

Featured in this edition: 9 Story Media Group / Brown Bag Films, Apartment 11 Productions, BGM, Sphere Media, Happy Camper Media, Little Engine Moving Pictures Inc., Muse Entertainment, Portfolio Entertainment Inc & Boss & Co Ltd., PVP Media, Surprise Bag, Inc., TLN Media Group, and Vérité Films.

Volume 3 – 2022

Featured in this edition: Attraction Images Inc., Balloon House Productions, Carte Blanche Films Inc., Epic Story Media, Fifth Ground Entertainment, GAPC Entertainment Inc., marblemedia, Markham Street Films, Productions Avenida Inc., Riverbank Pictures, Sardine Productions, and Shaftesbury.

Volume 2 – 2022

Featured in this edition: Angelb Productions, Carpediem Film & TV Inc., Cheshire Smile Animation Inc., Gladshare Media Studios, Imagine Create Media, LoCo Motion Pictures, MindWave Studios Ltd, Occasional Notes Production, Rotating Planet Productions Inc., Sinking Ship Entertainment, and Tobo.

Volume 1 – 2022

Featured in this edition: Arcana Studio, Big Bad Studios, Blachfilms, Coconut Effect Productions, Goddard/Brown, Guru Studio, Headspinner Productions Inc., Lopii Productions, Manito Media, No Problem Productions, Remembrance Pictures Inc., Téléfiction Productions Inc., and A WWB Production, Inc.

Collage of showcase programs

Volume 4 – 2021

Featured in this edition: 9 Story Media Group / Brown Bag Films, Boat Rocker Studios, Echo Media, Epic Story Media, Fifth Ground Entertainment, Hop To It Productions, Kondolole Films, Muse Entertainment, Occasional Notes Productions, Portfolio Entertainment, Riverbank Pictures, Sinking Ship Entertainment and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment.

Volume 3 – 2021

Featured in this edition: Aircraft Pictures, Attraction Images, Balloon House Productions, Gladshare Media Studios, Guru Studio, Happy Camper Media, Image-in Atlantic, La Pastèque, Lopii Productions, marblemedia, Markham Street Films, Productions Avenida and Shaftesbury.

Volume 2 – 2021

Featured in this edition: Arcana Studio, Big Bad Boo Studios, Babel Films, Blachfilms, Carte Blanche Films, GAPC Entertainment, Goddard/Brown, Imagine Create Media, Oasis Animation, Tobo, ToonDraw, and Vérité Films.

Volume 1 – 2021

Featured in this edition: Apartment 11 Productions, BGM Inc., CarpeDiem Film & TV Inc., GALA PROD, Headspinner Productions, K6 Media Group, Little Engine Moving Pictures, Sardine Productions, Silly Robbie Entertainment Inc., Taqqut Productions, and Téléfiction Productions Inc. 

Volume 4 – 2020

Featured in this edition: Riverbank Pictures, Rotating Planet Productions, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Shaftesbury, Sonar Entertainment, Taqqut Productions, Téléfiction Productions, Tobo, ToonDraw, and U Multicultural.

Volume 3 – 2020

Featured in this edition: Imagine Create Media Inc, K6 Media Group, La Pastéque Productions, Little Engine Moving Pictures, Little Scooter Media, Lopii Productions, Manito Média, marblemedia, Northwood Entertainment, and Pink Parrot Media.

Volume 2 – 2020

Featured in this edition: Coconut Effect Productions, Coyote Science Inc, Digital Dimension, Echo Media, Epic Story Interactive, Fifth Ground Entertainment, Gala Media, GAPC Entertainment, Goddard/Brown, Guru Studio, Happy Camper Média and Headspinner Productions.

Volume 1 – 2020

Featured in this edition: 10th Ave Productions, Aircraft Studios, Apartment 11 Productions, Arcana Studio, Attraction Distribution, Attraction Images Inc, Avenida Productions, BGM inc, Balloon House Productions, Big Bad Boo Studios, and Carte Blanche Films inc.

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