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Content Creation Program

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About the Program

Investments in the Content Creation Program are meant for all types of creative content that have appeal foremost to Canadian children. Investment decisions will be based on creative quality, the values and benefits that a program will provide to its target audience, and the strength of the plan for success.

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Applications are evaluated on the following:

  • Quality and originality of its creative content;
  • Authentic reflection of equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Potential audience impact, which includes the audience reach;
  • Cross-cultural and linguistic representation, including of official language minority communities.
  • The plan for success, which identifies what success means for the creative content and provides a strategy for success, including any brand strategies or sales and revenue potential.

Full application stream requirements can be found in the Guidelines below.


2023/2024 Application Deadlines:

October 11, 2023

April 2024 (Exact date to be announced)

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