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Rocket Funded Programs

Supporting great Canadian content for kids

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Investing in content for kids is at the core of what we do. As a proud supporter of over 1,000 Canadian programs, listed below is a small highlight of the work we’ve funded. We will continually be adding to this showcase with both new and legacy content!

La liste des choses qui existent
The Young Arsonists
Jules au pays d’Asha
Le 422
Joy Eternal
Butterfly Tale
Backyard Beats
Denis and Me
Mary & Flo on the Go
Super Agent Jon le Bon
Tout sexplique
The Parker Andersons and Amelia Parker
Raven’s Quest
Sweet Tweets
Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls
Emerald Code
Prairie Boy’s Winter
Indian Horse
The Games Catchers
Ew! Germs!
Momolu and Friends
The Bravest Knight
Jeremy and Jazzy
Alix et les Merveilleux
4 Days Before Christmas
Dino Dana
The Breadwinner
Le monde selon
Happy House of Frightenstein
Les aventures de Tidoc
Sky of Tides: Alta
My Home, My Life!
Stinky Science
Big Blue
Opie’s Home
Yaya & Zouk
Wild Kratts
The Gumboot Kids
Take Note
Leo’s Pollinators
La petite mairesse
Reboot: The Guardian Code
Gabby’s Farm
Wheetago War
Just Like Mom and Dad
Genius Genie
Felix and the Treasure of Morgaa
Overlord and the Underwoods
Le Chalet
#Couleurs du Nord
It’s My Party
Every Body Curious
Toopy & Binoo The Movie
Pas plus bête que nous
My Singing Monsters Fandemonium
Blynk & Aazoo
Holly Hobbie
Les Mutants
The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy
Le facteur de l’espace
When I Grow Up
Gay Mean Girls
O C’est Pour Ottawa
On parle de sexe
Belle & Sebastien
Screech Owls
The Next Step
Luna, Chip & Inkie
Camp Bonkers
My Stay-at-Home Diary
Dreams in Vantablack
Brainy Pets Club
Acti & Friends
C’etait la fois
Summer Memories
Detention Adventure
La petite dragouille
Ruby and the Well
Six Degrés
The Solutioneers
ClearWaterKids Challenge
16 Hudson
Big Top Academy

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