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Preschoolers learn to code with Scratch Garden Camp Coding Camp

Coding can sound like a complex skill; not something you’d expect is being taught to preschoolers. But with series like Scratch Garden Camp Coding Camp, the introduction to coding is made simple and fun! In this series, a boy arrives at Camp Coding Camp and is greeted by a young counsellor who teaches him all about the basics of computer programming, usually through melodic tunes and hip hop beats.

With coding entering school curriculums more and more, the Camp Coding Camp series gives kids a jump start on learning to think like a computer programmer. It focuses on the basic building blocks of computer programming – like sequencing, variables, loops, and more – that exist in every coding language. Technology and online media have made learning more accessible, so anyone with an Internet connection can access vast amounts of resources from all over the world.

Scratch Garden Camp Coding Camp

The Scratch Garden team is excited to create effective and entertaining educational experiences for kids. Since all of the videos are both fun and educational, their hope is to equate home learning with good times. For each video in the Camp Coding Camp series, a free printable is available with supplemental learning information and activities.

“Educational content for kids is our favourite thing to do… actually it is the only thing that we do! We love to share our love of laughing and learning with young minds everywhere,” says Scratch Garden Founder Steve Newberry.

There are lots of coding and computer science videos out there, but Scratch Garden is unique with its fun videos and catchy music for young audiences that make you want to sing along, dance, and learn more!

Watch the 10 coding videos with 10 original songs anytime on YouTube.

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