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Our Story

Investing in the creation of quality Canadian content for kids for over 25 years

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Our Vision

Children and youth throughout Canada and around the world have access to and benefit from engaging in Canadian-made programming that speaks to who they are.

Our Mission

Shaw Rocket Fund will invest in and champion quality Canadian children’s content by working with strategic partners and including creators from diverse communities. The Fund will be the investor that fuels innovation and creativity within the Canadian media sector and will lead the way for change in our sector.


We are the largest private investor dedicated to Canadian children’s media. The Shaw Rocket Fund is a permanent, independently governed, not-for-profit corporation that provides equity financing for the production of high-quality Canadian children’s, youth and family programming and industry initiatives.





Children's programs


The Shaw Rocket Fund acts as a voice for the children’s media sector, with governments, through regulatory proceedings, and in our various industry initiatives to ensure kids have access to great, relevant Canadian programming. Alongside this, we foster strong business partnerships to ensure the continued creation of rich Canadian media experiences for children and their families, while promoting a safe digital environment.

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The evolution of media and technology has created endless opportunities to educate, influence and entertain our children with exciting audiovisual and digital content. At the Rocket Fund, we aim to enhance media experiences for children, youth and families as a forward-thinking organization. We believe that interaction with high-quality, creative content on multiple platforms enriches kids’ lives.

We value the opinions of Canadian children and incorporate their views into our research initiatives to ensure that they receive the quality programming they expect and deserve. The Shaw Rocket Fund is a champion of Canadian children’s content and we plan to increase the impact of our programs both at home and abroad.


The Shaw Rocket Fund is proud to support Canadian and international organizations to help promote children’s programming around the world. These partnerships fuel existing content for kids and help drive producers to create world-class media.

Contributor: Shaw Communications

Shaw Communications is committed to enriching the lives of Canadian children with content that inspires creativity and fuels imagination. Through the Rocket Fund, Shaw has invested over $200 million towards the production of original, quality children’s programming and the development of a strong, independent Canadian production industry.

As a champion of Canadian children’s programming, the Rocket Fund is helping shape the minds of young people across the country with educational and creative media content.

Shaw is proud to support the Rocket Fund in its mission to grow the Canadian production industry, while providing families and children with quality programming.

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