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Making math fun with Wacky Number Songs

Wacky Number Songs Ava Ro

Mathematics is a subject that has been feared by many. It has been typically viewed as a dry subject, and one that only those who are good at it can do. Wacky Number Songs, the follow-up to Wacky Word Songs, features Big Top Academy’s Ava Ro performing zany musical “numbers” about “numbers” to explore math concepts like fractions, probability, quadrilaterals and symmetry.

Putting the focus on fun inspires young viewers to see math throughout their daily lives, from the kitchen to the soccer field. The hope is that with this series, musical videos can bring to life the mathematical concepts that typical paper and pencil tasks can’t, and that the concepts highlighted will help to make mathematical connections clear for those students who are visual learners. Wacky Number Songs will help children remember quick facts but also learn strategies when they can’t quite remember all the facts.

Wacky Number Songs shapes

“The notion that the educational content we are producing may inspire kids, provide a learning breakthrough for some students, or allow them to discover their love of a subject they may not have been engaged with previously, is really exciting for us.  It’s why we continue to produce this content along with other genres,” says Mindy Laxer of Apartment 11 Productions.  “As a former elementary school teacher, I can’t believe my luck in getting to co-executive produce content that I wish I could have brought into my classroom, to inspire my students.”

We hope that Wacky Number Songs will have the whole family singing about math and numbers!

Watch Wacky Number Songs on TVOKids or stream it anytime on TVOkids.comYouTube and Roku.

Wacky Number Songs was produced and directed by Jean-Louis Coté and written by Claire Cappelletti, Kara Harun and Lisa Hunter with music by Jason Levy and Bruno Martel.  Caroline Rosenbloom was the educational consultant on the series. It was produced in association with TVOkids and with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund, Shaw Rocket Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Quebec Film and Television Tax Credit.

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