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It’s My Party! celebrates Pride Month

It's My Party Pride Month features Shaw Rocket Fund

Who doesn’t love a party? Pride Month is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community, and It’s My Party! gives kids a front-row view of one family’s various Pride festivities.

The Pride episode of It’s My Party! features Luna-Tai as the party host, showcasing her family’s annual Pride Party. She celebrates Pride every year with her two moms. James has never met Luna-Tai before; he will be her party guest for his first-ever Pride celebration! Before the party, James is paired up with Drag Queen Candi Furdinner, who shows James how she uses creativity to express herself. James embraces his own creativity and really gets into creating fabulous shirts for both him and Luna-Tai to feel great and express themselves throughout the Pride events.

It's My Party Pride Month kids with host

BGM Inc. recognizes that every time an LGBTQ+ child is included in their content, there is one less child feeling isolated or alone. They strive to remain inclusive both in their content in front of the camera and, just as importantly, behind the camera. And, they have fun with it!

“I hope the idea of “inclusive” storytelling becomes an antiquated term because it’s just how everyone is doing it,” says Marlo Miazga, Executive Producer and President of BGM Inc. and Sphere Unscripted. “It’s easy; develop good content with many different, diverse people, then produce good stories with many different, diverse people. Leave your lane and tell everyone’s stories.”

The LGBTQ+ community is everywhere – in every school, every park, every grocery store and every family. The way we grow as a society is through acceptance and inclusivity. BGM Inc. doesn’t see LGBTQ+ content as specialized content – it’s just great storytelling with kids that aren’t represented enough on television.

Marlo herself will be taking her 13-year-old daughter to whatever Pride party they can find – preferably a neighbourhood parade! They will be raising money for a Toronto organization called Skylark, which creates space for LGBTQ+ kids to hang out and feel safe. Marlo believes in celebrating any occasion that makes communities feel seen, heard, and safer.

It’s My Party! won the 2021 Youth Media Alliance Award for Best Program, Live Action Non-Scripted (Ages 9+).

Watch It’s My Party! on TVO’s website or YouTube channel.
Funding partners: Shaw Rocket Fund, CMF, Ontario Creates and TVO.

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