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Inspiring a Love of Nature with The Gumboot Kids

The Gumboot Kids

Many of us have fond memories of playing outside as kids, exploring neighbourhood parks and trails. Although today’s generation is more exposed to technology than past generations ever were, the importance of outdoor play is still paramount. Enter The Gumboot Kids, starring stop motion animated mice Scout and Daisy. Between solving nature mysteries with the wise, adorable and funny Scout and creating eco-friendly nature crafts with the talented Daisy, the underlying theme of interconnectedness is embedded throughout The Gumboot Kids series.

It shows kids that we are part of nature just as much as nature is part of us.

Though designed for four- to eight-year-olds, parents, caregivers and grandparents love co-viewing the series. The Gumboot Kids bridges the family room and the outdoors, providing kids with creative ways to play in nature, piquing their curiosity and inspiring them to get outside and explore – it’s about having fun while mindfully exploring nature. The series aims to help the next generation become nature-lovers so they’ll want to look after trees, plants, wildlife, water and the air we breathe.

Ian Hanington, Senior Editor at the David Suzuki Foundation, sums up why the environment is so important in kids’ content:

“Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Yet we know that a daily dose of nature makes kids smarter, more curious and creative. It’s simple: Kids need more nature!
The Gumboot Kids is an excellent teaching tool for families, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors connecting with nature.”

The Gumboot Kids

Spending time in nature makes kids less anxious, healthier and happier.

Studies show that when children spend time in nature, they’ll carry environmental consciousness and attitudes of sustainability and conservationism into adulthood. Knowing this, production company Imagine Create Media has created a line of free educational curricula available for teachers across Canada through CBC’s website. A wealth of positive feedback has been received from teachers and students across the country and around the world. During the pandemic, Imagine Create Media also launched a home study program for families in lockdown, available at

Fun Fact:

Imagine Create Media mirrors the respect for the environment exemplified by the series right into its studio. The majority of wardrobe worn by the Gumboot Kids on screen is either homemade or second hand, they set decorate as much as possible using items from second-hand stores, and in the miniature sets, live plants are used and planted in their garden after production!

If the producers could be any animal, Eric, Tara and Tracey choose to be Scout and Daisy, the two friendly and intelligent mice that connect with nature’s rhythm. The key message they hope kids take from the series is that simply spending
time in nature is enough. Experiencing nature will enrich your life and teach you the value of protecting the environment!

Find The Gumboot Kids series (Scout & The Gumboot Kids,
Daisy & The Gumboot Kids, and Jessie & The Gumboot Kids) on CBC Kids, CBC GEM and CBC’s YouTube channel.

The series is also available internationally on various SVODs including ROKU Kids, Amazon Prime, Kidoodle.TV and Playkids.

Visit for more information.

Special thanks to: CBC Kids, IPF, Bell Fund, CMF, Creative BC, Kidoodle.TV

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