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Program-Specific Questions

What kind of content is funded through the Content Creation Program?

The Content Creation Program is for all creative content including audiovisual experiences of all kinds (series, web series, shorts, podcasts) as well as digital content and interactive experiences, but excluding theatrical feature films.

Do you accept all types of films in the Feature Film Program?

The Feature Film Program is dedicated to feature films only.  One-off productions intended for distribution on broadcast or SVOD platforms (i.e. a made-for-television movie or longform special) fall under the Content Creation Program unless a theatrical-type release is contemplated (which could also include a festival run along with an SVOD release).

What type of content is funded through the Brand Building Program?

Any type of initiative or activity that increases the awareness of your content and helps to build your brand with the intended audience. Examples include social media support, live promotional events, festival engagement, community tours as well as support in the international marketplace such as versioning, export and marketing support.

If I apply through the Feature Film Program, can I apply to the Content Creation Program and Brand Building Program for other associated content?

Yes. We accept applications for additional content that supports your film such as additional audiovisual content such promotional shorts, digital content and social media support.

What is the difference between audience impact and a strategy for success when evaluation my application?

Audience impact is demonstrating that your content will resonate with the intended audience and how you plan to make it discoverable.  The strategy for success is about how you define meaningful success with the content you are producing, relative to the nature of the content. Examples include: audience engagement measured by number of views, increased views for a specific target audience, international sales and revenue, successful festival run, awards and critical recognition.

I want to apply to the Rocket Fund for funding for my web series. Which program do I apply through?

As an audiovisual production, the web series application goes through the Content Creation Program.

I would like to apply to the Rocket Fund for additional support for social media content to help promote my audiovisual production. How do I apply?

Our Brand Building Program is for any initiative or experience that helps with the discoverability of your brand, and includes social media, additional promotional video content and non-interactive websites which are considered part of discoverability / audience development, export and marketing support.

My digital content (interactive games) is included in my overall audiovisual budget under line 85. Is that okay, or do I need to separate/apply for the digital content separately?

The Rocket Fund accepts Audiovisual budgets that include digital content and discoverability costs, as this is becoming industry standard for certain broadcasters and funders. No separate application is required.

Does my audiovisual content need to be kidSAFE Seal certified?

No. kidSAFE Seal certification is specifically for digital content.

What does “safe for kids” mean for my digital content?

There are three areas of compliance to consider when it comes to protecting children online:

1) Online Safety – protecting the child from inappropriate content and unsafe social interactions;
2) Data Privacy – responsibly collecting, using, and sharing a child’s personal information; and
3) Cyber Security – safeguarding the integrity of personal data collected from children.

If you’re unsure if your digital content is safe for kids, apply to ROSP to be connected with a member of the kidSAFE Seal team who will review your content.

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