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Fuelling Kids' Media Content

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Investing in Kids’ Media Content

The Shaw Rocket Fund is an equity investment fund that supports the Canadian children’s media sector by investing in and championing quality Canadian content for our kids and families. We invest in many of Canada’s favourite children’s programs, some of which have received international recognition.

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Promoting the Children’s Media Industry

The Shaw Rocket Fund helps to advance and promote quality Canadian programming worldwide by orchestrating initiatives like the Shaw Rocket Prize, celebrating the best in Canadian kids TV, the Startoon cartoon talent show, as well as by hosting international roundtables with industry executives to discuss current issues like cyberbullying and online safety for children and youth.

Learn more about our initiatives:

Rocket Online Safety Program | Shaw Rocket Prize | Startoon

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Supporting the Children’s Media Industry

The Shaw Rocket Fund sponsors and participates in conferences, festivals, and events throughout the year, and works with organizations to help create meaningful programs such as fellowship and mentor programs as well as industry research for producers and other industry professionals of children’s media content.

Learn more about our industry contributions and our research.

Here are some of the shows we've invested in:

The Breadwinner

Finding Stuff Out

Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate

Scout and the Gumboot Kids

Yaya et Zouk

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