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Celebrating Canadian Content

Each year, we take the opportunity to showcase the amazing talent in the Canadian kids’ media industry. Follow along with #SRFShowcase on Twitter.  

Kidscreen Showcase 2019

Volume 1:

Featured in this edition: 9 Story Media Group/Brown Bag Films, Productions 10e Ave, Air Bud Entertainment, Aircraft Pictures, AngelB Productions, Apartment 11 Productions, Arcana, and Attraction Images.

Volume 2:

Featured in this edition: Babel Films, Balloon House Productions, Bardel Entertainment Inc, Big Bad Boo, Blachfilms, Blahzay Creative, Boat Rocker Media, and Brain Power Studio.

Volume 3:

Featured in this edition: Bristow Global Media Inc, Buffalo Gal Pictures, Carpediem Film & Tv Inc, Carte Blanche Films, Catapult Pictures, CCI Entertainment, Checkered Owl Media, and DHX Media.

Volume 4:

Featured in this edition: Digital Dimension, Distribution360, Echo Media, eOne TV, Gala Productions, GAPC Entertainment, Guru Studio and Happy Camper Media.

Volume 5:

Featured in this edition: Headspinner Productions, Imagine Create Media, Industry Pictures/Karma Film, Keyframe Digital, La Pastèque Productions, Little Engine Moving Pictures, Little Scooter Media, LoCo Motion Pictures, and Manito Média.

Volume 6:

Featured in this edition: marblemedia, Markham Street Films, Northwood Entertainment, Oasis Animation, Passez Go, Portfolio Entertainment, Productions Avenida, and Pixcom.

Volume 7:

Featured in this edition: Riverbank Pictures, Sardine Productions, Screen Siren Pictures, SEVEN24 Films, Shaftesbury, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Six Eleven Media, and Slap Happy Cartoons.

Volume 8:

Featured in this edition: Smiley Guy Studios, Sonar Entertainment, Téléfiction Productions, ToonDraw, Trilight Entertainment, WestWind Pictures, Wishfart, and Yellow Bear Studios.