The Shaw Rocket Fund is constantly on the lookout for investment opportunities in great Canadian audiovisual and digital programs that will fuel the imagination and intelligence of children, youth and families in Canada and abroad.

Eligible programs are evaluated on creative quality, financial strength, and the values and benefits they provide to the intended target audience, on all platforms. The strongest proposals, based on the evaluation and discretion of the Shaw Rocket Fund, are considered for investment.

The promotion and discoverability of a program is of the utmost importance to the success of a program therefore all applications and proposals for investment will require a meaningful (multi-platform) discoverability strategy appropriate for the target audience.

Programs receiving investment from the Shaw Rocket Fund all have one thing in common: they provide high-quality viewing material for Canadian audiences. Before submitting your application, please ensure your program meets all requirements outlined in the documents here.

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Download our new investment guidelines below

Next deadline for the Canadian and Digital Investment Streams:

October 3, 2018 at 6pm MT / 8pm ET

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REMINDER: Hey Producers! Distribution reports and revenues for the period ending June 30th are due by August 15th


To best meet the needs of the Canadian children’s production sector, the Rocket Fund has established 3 investment streams:

The Canadian Investment Stream is for audiovisual programs that reflect Canadian diversity, enrich and educate the audience, and tell stories that are of great interest to Canadian children while offering experiences on various platforms.

Deadline: Applications are accepted beginning four weeks prior to the deadline. Our Board of Directors strives to make funding decisions 8 to 10 weeks after each deadline.

The Partnership Investment Stream is for audiovisual programs that demonstrate the potential for global reach through a multi-platform experience with strong complimentary components and strategic partnerships where children in Canada and around the world have access to this vibrant high quality Canadian-made programming.

Deadline: Proposals will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

The Digital Content Investment Stream is for high-quality digital media projects that are complements to the audiovisual programs the Rocket Fund has invested in through both investment streams.

Deadline: Deadlines coincide with the audiovisual programming deadline.

Click here to read more about Audiovisual Investment Stream Eligibility.

General Eligibility requirements

  • must be targeted at a children’s, youth or family audience;
  • meet a minimum of 6 out of 10 Canadian content certification points;
  • official treaty co-productions and CRTC co-ventures qualify;
  • principal photography or voice recording cannot be completed before the deadline date; and
  • must be closed captioned and contain described video.

Discoverability and Financing requirements

  • a detailed discoverability strategy;
  • meaningful and robust digital content plan;
  • an achievable finance plan;
  • include a proposed recoupment schedule; and
  • have a binding commitment for the exhibition of the Program on a platform or broadcaster accessible to the Canadian target audience.

Financial Participation

  • The Shaw Rocket Fund‘s historical investment ranges from about $100,000 up to $500,000 depending on the number of episodes, the financial needs of the production and the exploitation / recoupment potential of the program.
  • The Rocket Fund will consider a higher investment in programs where the investment proposal demonstrates, at the Rocket Fund’s sole discretion, exceptional eligibility criteria.
Click here to read more about Digital Content Investment Stream Eligibility.

General Eligibility requirements

  • The digital companion is based on an audiovisual program that the Rocket Fund has invested in (either through the Canadian or Partnership Investment Stream) which is targeted towards children, youth or families.
  • The digital companion enhances the viewing experience for the intended audience on additional platforms
  • The digital companion must be new or upgraded content (upgraded being new content or new elements that enhance existing content)
  • The digital content must be owned, developed, produced and exploited by Canadians

Financial Participation

  • The Rocket Fund contribution is an equity investment.
  • The Rocket Fund may invest up to a maximum of 75% of the total digital content budget.
  • No maximum investment has been established, however historically the Rocket Fund invests up to $50,000 per digital content application.

Here are a few programs we've invested in:

The Adventures of Napkin Man

Emerald Code



Dino Dana

Download our new investment guidelines below

Next deadline for the Canadian and Digital Investment Streams:

October 3, 2018 at 6pm MT / 8pm ET