We partnered with Wildseed Studios to launch Startoon, a talent show searching for Canada’s next cartoon superstar. Over a few months, budding to experienced Canadian animators were tasked with submitting character audition videos and competing in challenges that the public could vote on. Hundreds of thousands of eyeballs watched our YouTube videos, and millions of votes were cast to crown Canada’s next cartoon superstar.

Winners were announced via live stream at the YouTube Space in Toronto, and received $25,000 towards the production of a pilot for their characters. Wildseed Studios works with the creators on development to help make these cartoons a reality.

Andy Greiling, creator of Sonny and Bently, and Ryan MacNeil, creator of Pepper and Monterey, were the first two Startoon winners. Watch the Sonny and Bently and Pepper and Monterey audition and challenge videos to see how the characters grew throughout the competition!

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