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Diving into the Science of Animals with Wild Kratts

Wild Kratts

The Earth is filled with a range of animals, each with their own unique and incredible abilities – and they’re always fascinating to kids! For over 10 years, we’ve been given a sneak peek into the lives and science behind these animals Wild Kratts, a half-hour adventure comedy series created by the Kratt Brothers that features the two brothers in animated form.

Produced by Kratt Brothers Company Ltd. and 9 Story Media Group, the episodes bring us on one big adventure to meet all these amazing animals. Every species is unique and special, with their own remarkable abilities, known by the Wild Kratts team as “Creature Powers”. Through the series, kids are reminded just how much we have in common with our fellow creatures, such as a need for a healthy home habitat.

Wild Kratts aims to not only introduce kids to animals, but also get them excited about our natural world and the science concepts behind different creatures’ lives. Producers have found that when kids watch Wild Kratts, they’re eager to share their newfound knowledge about lesser-known animals like pangolins, echidnas and tiger quolls with their parents.

Many kids send emails to the show asking if there’s something they can do to help animals. They often even do their own projects to help the endangered species that they love!

Teaching kids about animals is a priority for the Wild Kratts team. Chris and Martin Kratt, Creators/Executive Producers of Wild Kratts, say:

“When you take a close look at a wild animal and get to appreciate how wonderful they are, it just naturally becomes a priority to do whatever you can to ensure their species’ continued survival.”

With the great number of kids wanting to get involved, the Kratt Brothers created a non-profit organization that’s all about giving kids the power to help animals: Kratt Brothers Creature Hero Foundation. They hope to start work on creating a second wildlife refuge with Wild Kratts fans soon.

Fun Fact:

In 2000, through kid-powered action, they protected 1,675 acres of essential grizzly bear habitat in Montana, now called Grizzly Gulch. It’s a protected wild place and is now the forever home of wild bears, wolves, wolverine, elk, moose, ermine, and more!

There are so many incredible animals out there, all with amazing and unique Creature Powers, that Wild Kratts producers weren’t able to choose just one they’d want to be – the entire show is about imagining answers to this question and there are just too many options! The most important message they want to leave for kids, though, is that all creatures need a healthy habitat to survive, and that includes humans and planet Earth!


Wild Kratts is available in 189 countries and is translated into 44 languages. It airs on TVO and Knowledge Network in Canada and PBS in the US. Episodes are also available to stream/ download via Netflix (Canada), iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Comcast, Verizon, and the PBS KIDS Prime Video Channel.

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