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Creating Cohesiveness in Audience Development Plans


The development of discoverability plans for funding applications has often been a source of frustration for producers, especially when trying to apply to multiple funds and satisfy different requirements.

Recognizing the need for simplicity and cohesiveness, Shaw Rocket Fund has partnered with Bell Fund and TELUS Fund to create an Audience Development Plan template to help make the application process easier for producers. Together, we determined the key information important to a complete discoverability plan so producers can submit the same Audience Development Plan to all three funds while ensuring each fund’s requirements are met.

Along with this new template, the Shaw Rocket Fund created a Guide to Audience Success, with discoverability tips to consider when creating a plan specifically for the under 18 and family audience. There are many aspects of a promotional strategy to consider when targeting this age group, including whether they are actually the ones you’re reaching out to. For example, if you’re using social media as a key component of your strategy, you’ll need to think about who actually sees your posts – it likely isn’t a preschooler (nor should it be!). Read all the tips here.

On the topic of audience development, the three funds also partnered on the newly announced Audience Development Pilot Program on Magnify Digital’s ViewerCentric platform. This platform essentially allows producers to upload viewership statistics for their programs, as well as connect social media and analytics accounts. ViewerCentric then tracks audiences and uses the raw data to generate meaningful, comprehensive insights that producers can use when creating their audience development plans. Find out more about ViewerCentric here.

The Shaw Rocket Fund is very excited to be able to put the power of audience information into the hands of producers and allow them to see the impact of their strategies on all platforms – and potentially use this information to grow their audience.

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