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Are You Ready? sets preschoolers up for lifelong learning

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According to the early school age curriculum, positive experiences in early childhood set the foundation for lifelong learning, behaviour, health and well-being.  Are You Ready? shares real life experiences of children succeeding in everyday tasks and encouraging others to do the same. Are You Ready? teaches that it is ok to try and to make mistakes; that we learn from them. If you don’t succeed, try and try again.

This series shows children as:

  • competent, capable of complex thinking, curious and rich in potential
  • valuable contributors to their surroundings (for example: packing their own bags for school, making the bed, washing dishes)
  • belonging and connected to others
  • incorporating capacities of self-care, self-regulation, sense of self.

child taking a nap

These early learning skills offer a broad spectrum of skill basics in early math and art, building on self-help and self-care skills, along with independence building that benefits the school readiness aspect for young children.

The live action characters in this series are slightly older than the pre-school demographic, allowing the audience to ‘watch up’ and model what they see. The strength of the series rests on the fact that the characters are real children, carrying out the tasks at hand, making mistakes, finding laughter and joy in accomplishment and trying something new, which resonates in an engaging and authentic way with the audience.

The bonus with this series being available online is that young learners can watch the content many times over, stop to ask questions any time, and start again when they like. It’s a great way for parents and caregivers to stay connected to what their children are watching and learning, and it offers great co-viewing opportunities.

tying shoes

Production company GAPC finds working with the children in these productions and watching their reactions when they see themselves in the finished show to be amazing. Producing content that children and parents/caregivers can watch together, talk about, and ultimately that children can watch on their own, see themselves reflected in, and learn from, is the ultimate reward. Even the adults working on this series find themselves learning something they didn’t know before!

When asked why educational content for kids is important to them, Hoda Elatawi responded, “Because it matters. The opportunity to ignite a passion for lifelong learning is a privilege that we take seriously and with joy—if we can inspire one child then we have done something!”

Watch this series online on Idéllo, TFO, or TVO.

Special thanks to Groupe Média TFO, Shaw Rocket Fund, Ontario Creates, Canada Media Fund, Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office, and Kristen McGregor.

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