CMF-SRF Kids Digital Animated Series Program

The Shaw Rocket Fund and the Canada Media Fund have collaborated to stimulate the creation of Canadian digital animated series for children and youth audiences while encouraging the use of new technology.

As kids now explore programming on all types of platforms, we want to support their access to high-quality Canadian-made content. The CMF-SRF program will give priority to digital animated series that focus on creativity and originality, the potential to evolve into a subsequent season or a longer format, and use of technology to increase animation quality.

Are you looking for investment in a Canadian Kids Digital Animated Series?

Program opens: February 28, 2019
Deadline for submissions: April 10, 2019

Review the NEW CMF-SRF Kids Digital Animated Series Guidelines to ensure your program is eligible and meets the criteria.

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4) Use the SRF Discoverability Plan Toolkit to build your Discoverability Plan





Frequently Asked Questions

Are only 100% animated web series eligible, or would my live action/animation combination series also qualify?

Only 100% animated web series are eligible for the CMF-Shaw Rocket Fund Kids Digital Animated Series Program.  However, live action/animation combination programs are eligible for funding under the Rocket Fund’s other application streams.

What is considered a digital distribution platform, and can a broadcaster qualify?

A digital distribution platform is any digital platform, including subscription video-on-demand or streaming services (i.e. Netflix, Amazon, Crave, etc.) and video-sharing platforms including social media (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, websites, etc.).  If a broadcaster is licensing the series for digital-first broadcast (i.e. on their website, streaming service, YouTube channel, etc.) it is eligible for the Program, even if the broadcaster is also taking traditional broadcast rights.

Do we need a commitment from a third-party digital distributor or broadcaster to be eligible?

No, if Producer is self-distributing, we just need their confirmation that the program will be made available to a Canadian audience within 2 years of completion.  If Producer is working with a third-party digital distributor or channel, a letter of support or commitment can be included with the other application materials.

How much detail do we need to include in our Discoverability Plan?

Distribution via digital platforms is significantly different than distribution via a traditional broadcast channel.  Without a captive broadcast audience, projects distributed digitally need to provide a thorough discoverability and distribution strategy detailing how Producer intends to find and build their audience, and the overall roll-out strategy for the project (how often will the episodes be released, how will this help maintain/grow your audience, etc.).  The more information the better, especially if Producer is self-distributing.

Are you looking for investment in a Canadian Kids Digital Animated Series?

Program opens: February 28, 2019
Deadline for submissions: April 10, 2019