About Us

Entertainment has become a multi-platform experience — particularly for kids, where media now plays a role in virtually every aspect of their lives.

The evolution of media has created endless opportunities to educate, influence and entertain our children with exciting television and digital content. As a forward-thinking, not-for-profit organization, the Rocket Fund aims to continually enhance the media experience of children, youth and families. We believe that quality programming enriches kids’ lives as kids interact with creative content on all platforms.

We value the opinions of Canadian children and involve them as Kid Jurors in the Shaw Rocket Prize. This annual $75,000 prize honours the best in Canadian television and digital content for kids.

We also incorporate the views of Canadian children into our research initiatives to help ensure that kids receive the quality programming they deserve. In the coming years, we will continue to be a champion of Canadian children’s content, and we plan to increase the impact of our programs both at home and abroad.

The Shaw Rocket Fund is supported by Shaw Communications Inc., Shaw Pay Per View Ltd. (a division of Shaw Cablesystems G.P.), and Shaw Direct. We are honoured to be seen as one of Shaw’s Family Initiatives. Read more about our contributors here.

Our Vision

Children and youth throughout Canada and around the world enjoy great Canadian programming.

Our Mission

The Shaw Rocket Fund will invest in and champion quality Canadian children’s programming with financing that supports the growth of the production industry.


In a nutshell, the Shaw Rocket Fund is the largest private investor dedicated to Canadian children’s media for independent producers. Since 1998, we have invested $177 million in 759 high-quality children’s programs. That represents 10,053 half-hour kids’ programs filled with great Canadian content.

Previously known as the Shaw Television Broadcast Fund, the Shaw Rocket Fund is a permanent, independently governed, not-for-profit corporation that provides equity financing for the production of high-quality Canadian children’s, youth and family programming.

The Rocket Fund is part of Shaw Communications’ ongoing commitment to Canadian children’s programming. Since 1994, Shaw Communications has contributed over $207 million to Canadian children’s television and digital media production through three separate funds.

We often act as a voice for kids in the industry, whether in CRTC hearings, to ensure kids have access to relevant programming, or through our initiatives.

  • With the Shaw Rocket Prize, launched in 2005, we reward quality Canadian content.
  • By partnering with the International Emmy Kids Awards since 2012, we highlight Canadian kids’ content abroad.
  • To encourage content creators, we launched Startoon, a talent show for animated characters, in 2016.

We are excited to continue to fuel quality Canadian kids’ content!